Russia Vs. Ukraine, Fed Rates and Hyperinflation, how to profit off of this retardation. 🏳️‍🌈🐻 = Fuk’d via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Russia Vs. Ukraine, Fed Rates and Hyperinflation, how to profit off of this retardation. 🏳️‍🌈🐻 = Fuk’d

TLDR: Fed won’t raise rates significantly, hyperinflation is bullish for everything. 🏳️‍🌈🐻 = Fuk’d

So, Is Russia going to invade Ukraine?? No! I grew up in Europe and forever have we been fearing the Russian invasion, that never ever happens. You know how many times Russia “almost” took over? Yes, never since the collapse of the USSR, to the contrary, the NATO is Inching closer to Russia, then Russia inching towards us, and we are effectively surrounding Russia on all sides.

Russia is powerful, but can never, ever win against the NATO, it’s completely unrealistic. Anybody who believes that Russia starts a serious war against the West has completely lost touch with reality. Not even the fucking COLD WAR turned HOT. So stick your anxiety pills up your butthole and relax.

Anyway, how can you make money with this? Looking at the reaction of the market today, it’s evident, that the entire stock market is completely retarded for contracting due to some White House announcement that’s obvious distraction from the actual problems. Coincidence that record Inflation numbers are coming out, and they push the same ol Russian shit?

The way to make money is by believing that they will remain irrational, and betting on it.

I made most of my money through Oil, because I knew that environmentalist were gonna shutdown oil supplies, when demand is steadily going up = Oil go up. But people were shorting Oil because Tesla was growing??

Once you understand how retarded the world is, you’ll make money.

The smart thing might be to sell Gold, because fed will raise rates, then bearish for gold and commodities right?!? And buy Puts?!?

Remember to smoothen that brain surface.

The Fed has constantly been lying about inflation being transitory, why would they tell the truth about raising rates significantly? They are NOT going to cause a recession during an election year, Powell is basically part of the Biden administration. Their 0.25% whatever is going to do nothing against almost 8% CPI and 15% real inflation.

While the bears are celebrating because “Inflation will crash the markets” they are forgetting that the reason inflation crashes the markets is, that interest rates go up.

This time is different because the fed is not going to fight Inflation reasonably, during times of unhinged Inflation, everything goes up.

Yes, stock market, commodities, prices, everything will go up.

Yes, yes, right now we are in a bear market because of expectation of a rise in rates. This ship will most likely reverse as soon as the market realizes that Powell is pluwffing.

So the shorts that are building up right now are going to get so utterly fucked, in one of the biggest market rebounds since 2020. Im aiming for around March – September, and should probably time calls for next year.

This time the dollar will take a massive dump, so you better do something with your money, not financial advice.


Dollar will shortly go up during first hike but eventually shit the bed when investors realize that they are not going to do shit.

Hyperinflation is Bullish for everything! Don’t listen to 🏳️‍🌈🐻

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