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Road to 100k: Week 1

The way I see it, a goal of achieving $100,000 in short term capital gains is not complicated. All I, or anyone, has to do, is start with $500 and make:

• 13 50% gains • 29 20% gains • 38 15% gains • So on and so forth

Starting out, I dropped below $500 a few times, using 1 and 0DTE options of course. My goal was to sell / take profit at -30% / +50%, but this proved too difficult to do consistently, with theta working against me.

I switched it up and started selling contracts, instead with the goal of +15% or nothing selling 1 and 0DTE credit spreads and iron condors. Capitalizing on market fear right now is easy, and capturing premiums this high may be a once in several years opportunity.

Last week I took extra risk and doubled my initial $500 to ~1,100, aka five 15% gains. Five down, thirty-three to go. I plan to follow through the operation by exclusively using theta gang strategies. I will be selling 1/0dte QQQ options 3 times a week. If I succeed every trade, I will be up $100k in 3 months.

I’ll be making periodic posts about my progress.

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