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Reasons the US stock market should not scare you

The stock market is a playground for the rich. It was always intended to be that way from its inception. In the old days, the big boys battled not you but each other! Whoever had the biggest dick was the winner. The losers got run out of town.

Fast forward to when electronic trading became available to the little guy. Now YOU get to play this oh-so-fun game! Remember the days when the brokers charged $50+ bucks for their sage advice? Well, that didn’t last too long. People opted for doing their own trades, paying $10…$15…20 bucks for every trade. But as more and more brokers came, so did the commission wars. They dropped to $10…some as low as $5. Robinhood came on the scene and offered NO commissions.

Well, by golly…everyone started offering FREE trading! Wow…we were in heaven! This little shit that you are can now trade against Bill Gates and Warren Buffett! Well…not them directly, but the guys who suck their dicks. Point is, Wall Street insiders and hedges stopped battling each other, and directed all their energy toward beating the retailer. Yes, now they all circle jerk with their little dicks and cum on you.

Any of you play poker? You may play against your buddies or a bunch of strangers, but in any event, what you see on the table is all there is. If you win, you get the pot.

The problem with Wall Street is that those fuckers invent new money whenever they lose to you. The Fed prints. The companies reverse split or issue new shares. They drop share price punishing you but at the same time give the CEO millions for fucking up. Who in their right mind would ever play in a game like this? Lol, millions do.

Make no mistake. What the Fed does….what the short sellers do…the absolute destruction of assets is ALL FOR THE PURPOSE OF SCARING YOU OUT OF YOUR POSITIONS. Once you sell, they’ve won.

We here posting tons of loss porn…memes to show an illustration of some aspect of Wall Street’s shady side…discussions of how we view the markets and the world…it actually brings us closer together, but more importantly, shines a light on the reality of how this world works. We each have to find our place in it. Some of us will cry about how we were abused. Others of us will stay firm in our resolve to hold. Still others may lose their minds and sell. Whatever you do, just do it because YOU wanted to do it, not because somebody made you.

Personally, I am not scared. Why? Because it’s only money. We say that a lot, but do we really understand the meaning of that phrase? It’s only money. We won’t take any of it with us after death. And I promise you, none of those wealthy 1% will take any of it either. In 2022, we are experiencing what I thought would never happen….a race to the bottom! These wealthy people have a lot more to lose than the little people of the world. I suggest you be brave and come what may….do not be scared.

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