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/r/place is back this year.

For those who weren’t around, /r/place was 3-day event that Reddit had back in 2017. Basically, it starts as a large blank canvas and everyone is able to plot a colored pixel once every 5 mins.

The result was this https://i.imgur.com/4WlgIzF.png

Back in 2017 we were just starting to grow and I believe we were just over 100k subs but a handful of us was able to mark our spot. https://i.imgur.com/GHbTxoI.png

Reddit has announced they are doing it again this year and I think we have the numbers to go for the prime spot. Right in the middle. We will need everyone’s effort as this spot will be highly contested and will need to be defended against vandals but overall is a really good time as well as a good chance to get to know each other.

We will be going for something like this:

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When we get more information we will update you but please join our discord https://discord.gg/wallstreetbets.

For other groups looking to join our alliance send me a dm.

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