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Profit From Speculation

My goal right now is to hone my “skills” and try my best to make out of the ordinary returns by using the art of speculation. Recently I’ve been very inspired by stories of some of the greatest speculators creating insane returns for example George Soros’s bet on the British pound and breaking the bank of Europe, or crazy future’s traders trading oil futures contacts and profiting $600 million, now obviously I’m not expecting to be raking in millions of dollars although I don’t want to doubt myself and say it’s impossible… None the less I really want to become a good speculator and not be a gambler and yes they are two different things I want to do hours upon hours of research and digging through information to find my huge opportunity for a massive trade. Now I have already started my speculation career by trading options on spy and using my own research and speculation to profit which has so far been working, but I am not going to get cocky and act like I know exactly what I am doing and to be honest I still have a ton to still learn but I think I’m off to a decent start by starting to use a small part of portfolio to speculate on risky assets like options or single stocks. I really just have this burning desire to become the greatest and be a legendary investor/speculator/trader. For now I use it as a strong motivation to do my absolute best on my day trades, swing trades, long term investments whatever I am doing it doesn’t matter. Also yes I understand the risks I understand I will be facing possible devastating losses but I’m ok with it because I’ve always been interested in finance and investing ever since I was super young and I’m seriously willing to do anything it takes but at the same time not get crazy and start falling into the “gambling “ territory. Let’s see people I would love to hear what you guys got to say 🙂

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