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PRE.US COVID-19 testing business is expected to climb

Today, the Bio-tech Unicorn prenetics’ business in Hong Kong is expected to usher in new progress, According to Futubull data, on August 8, Li Jiachao, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, announced the newly adjusted quarantine policy for epidemic prevention. From August 12, the quarantine period for people arriving from overseas and Taiwan will be shortened from 7 days for hotel quarantine to 3 days for hotel quarantine and 4 days for home quarantine. According to the past situation, after the relaxation of the epidemic prevention policy, the flow of people between the outside world and Hong Kong will be more frequent in the future, and the number of visitors to Hong Kong is expected to continue to rise. The industry expects that with the further relaxation of the isolation policy, the number of passengers arriving at Hong Kong Airport will rise significantly. At present, flights and hotels are full. Therefore, it is an opportunity for local coronavirus testing enterprises.

The unique advantage of prenetics is that it has the only airport testing laboratory in Hong Kong, which will benefit from the rising passenger volume of Hong Kong airport to the greatest extent.

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