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Listen up my fellow short bus riders because we’re going to get hammered to death by inflation so maybe we can make a little money off of it to delay our inevitable trip to the soup kitchen.

I live in SoCal and gas is fucking between $6.20 and $7 a gallon. This is absurd and it’s not going to go down because politicians are using this as a way to usher in green energy deals. There also is no way to lower gas because a huge portion of the population, generally wealthy liberal types who have tons of political power and influence and work at all the large tech firms and think tanks, will not allow us to drill in the US or Canada to lower prices. It won’t happen, so don’t even think about it.

Northern Oil and Gas (NOG)’s break even price for oil is $25 dollars a barrel. As of today oil is around $112. It went down a little last week but it’s shooting up again, same with natural gas. My friends on the east coasts energy bills (natural gas) have gone up 400% in some cases.

The price of gas is going to continue to go up, so therefore NOG will continue to moon. I’m already up 150% on my NOG calls but it’s definitely going to go up higher.

TLDR NOG 23C 4/14

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