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Russian markets reopened today and roared upwards, with natural gas and oil companies already up in the double digits. I mean foreigners aren’t allowed to sell their shares, and other stuff, BUT STILL.

Enter NOG, Northern Oil & Gas. Their break even price for a barrel of oil is $25 dollars… Today? We’re at $115 already. Here’s a financial times article suggesting that oil could reach $200 very soon


So what does this mean? It means NOG is gonna moon.

Listen up fuckers, this shit is not going to end anytime soon. Right now it’s Russia vs The West, and China and the arab countries are picking sides real soon. This is the new Afghanistan, this is Sadam in Iraqi all over again… but this time? Real shit is on the line. This isn’t sniping tusken raiders with drone strikes, this is super serious beef between world super powers, with other super powers taking sides economically.

AND, the US seems to have a hard on for “clean energy” which is good but impossible to achieve without nuclear (without a drastic reduction in our quality of life), but retards don’t seem to understand that so they’ll let oil spike out of control so “everyone goes electric”

Oil and gas prices are not going down, people. In SoCal we are at $7/gallon already… you’re lucky if you can find gas for $6.50. Up 150% on my NOG calls already, and I don’t think it’s going to stop

TLDR NOG 23C 4/14

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