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Please help me understand this insanity

Hello, I’m trying to understand this retarded ass market.

Okay so there’s this company called Pfizer. They have the number one drug to treat a pandemic. Well it’s not just a pandemic, it’s a global pandemic. Oh yeah and by the way, it might be a permanent global pandemic.

Yeah so, a company called Pfizer has the number one drug to treat a permanent global pandemic. Recently, they made it into a pill form. Okay.

There’s this other company. They sell an overpriced workout bike that – get this – has a tv on it! And the great part is, you have to pay every month for the tv to work! Can you believe that? The tv stops working if the customers don’t keep paying for it. Genius.

Now, unfortunately no one wants to pay for that overpriced piece of trash, so the company is going to have to fire 2,800 employees including the CEO.

Okay, got everything?

Yeah so Pfizer stock is down and Peloton stock is up 25%. Fml

Anyone care to explain how this makes sense?

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