paypal could hit 200+ a share ( was banned for exposing) via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

paypal could hit 200+ a share ( was banned for exposing)

Ok listen up apes, PayPal has been heavily shorted but is at a critical level that could cause the squeeze of squeezes soon.

Right now shorts are scared of a break to the upside if we can push paypal past 125 a share it should cause a chain of short squeezes similar to gme but more sustainable as PayPal is already a great long term hold and value play but boring mumbo jumbo heres the plan apes.

According to my ta a push above 125 would cause a massive short squeeze to the first 3 Fibonacci reenactments if we saw a break above 125 it would push paypal to the 145 range causing another chain of shorts to panic pushing the stock to its next Fibonacci range around 175 this would completely fuck any shorts on the stocks bumping it up to its third Fibonacci level around 200 a share. From there bulls will be in full control we could push the stock higher possibly to new ath if we wanted or sit on it but at this level almost 95% of shorts would of been forced to exit.

Tldr: paypal is overshorted and is a great company if we push it to 125 it will caused a triple short squeeze to 200 a share * new position is now 1500 pypl 200 calls *

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