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Pay Attention Gourd Traders

Through DNA testing, the Guinness Book of World Records has conclusively proven that what the world previously thought was a 17.2 pound potato named Dug was in fact a behemoth gourd. The presumed spud was unearthed last year and would have shattered the heaviest potato record by a whopping 6 pounds. For all the traders of ornamental gourd futures out there, pay close attention because the implications for the gourd futures market cannot be understated. An event of this magnitude hasn’t roiled gourd markets since the bursting of the gourd bubble on November 12, 2020. Once Dug’s seeds are included in next year’s drop, the average gourd size will increase at minimum by a factor of 2 and the price-per-pound will drop like an anchor. The expectation is gourd futures are to crash below their all time low of 6 cents per pound. Gourd longs are ruined.

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