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Oil is King โ€“ Ovintiv Oil and Gas Gains and DD

Folks see 90k to 400k

Oil is king – Ovintiv energy Options

Here is why:

  1. Oil is King until papa Elon gets into Fussion reactors to work for more than 5 mins.
  2. Debt pay down to 3 Billion USD by end of year
  3. P.E Ratio is 8 compared to peers like Devon Energy that have a PE of >12
  4. Free cashflow yield for 2022 is at 39%, assuming $98 WTI and $3.85 natural gas โ€“ By summer oil should be much higher fyi.
  5. They have met criteria for S&P 500 inclusion โ€“ just a matter of when for the funds to start to start adding it to their portfolio
  6. Second dividend increase in 6 months โ€“ meaning for the apes keeping just stocks in their portfolio you can buy ramen noodles for your girlfriend and her boyfriend every 3 months using cold hard cash.

I have been in these positions for a while and have been adding every dip. I believe there is still more room to grow judging from the PE ratio compared to peers, positive debt reduction and consistent dividend increase.

TLDR: Ovintiv provides More Ramen for girlfriend and her boyfriend

Note: This is not financial advice. I don’t know what I am doing.

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