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New and Used Cars Market Crash.

I am to stuppid to make any type of DD, but just wanted to throw an idea in this shit hole. Just hear me out:

Im sure there was a ton of people who bought cars the last couple years because of the fed printing money, now that they the fed slowed the printers and inflation is high as giraffe nuts, could there be something going on in this atrocious car market?! i still see a lot of places hiring.. so is nobody working, how can they afford their car payments?! I am seeing a lot more inventory of used cars from 2020-21 at my local carmax. Gas is about to go up could that be the catalyst for people to dump their cars? again idk what I am talking about but just noticing things around me.

How are used cars appreciating, they almost cost as much as a brand spanking new car!?I know there is a “chip shortage” but i dont believe it. Make it make sense.

I feel like i am thinking about this too much lately. I can feel it in my balls.

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