My Lossporn update! As promised via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

My Lossporn update! As promised

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See? I have not given up yet. Never. Say whatever you want like “you gonna lose all that again retrd”. Sure i could. But what could happen also is: my wife has been fking her boyfriend, now its my turn to ditch her and fk her boyfriend.

What happened: did a straddle option strategy on UPS, FB, and F earnings call, all OTM. UPS call and FB Put literally saved my life. F (ford) ended up breaking even.

What willl happen now: now im going to take a long break from risky option and stick with buying shares on high market cap on dips (like fb and Netflix and more) and proly only spend 5-10% of portfoilio with options. But who knows my addiction to option will kick in again and yolo my sht to otm calls😂😂😂

Its still loss porn cuz i guess capital gain tax would be a lot idk lol

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