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MRNA Technology to the Olympics and beyond!

Beijing Olympics is going on and it got me thinking. If mRNA can temporarily make your cells do what they want to your body. Then the next big thing will be “mRNA Performance Enhancing Drugs!”

Stick with me on this one. So currently there are all these test for steroids. In fact a lot of athletes use steroids during the off season to train and then stop before it is time to test. BUT! mRNA is completely untraceable. “The new frontier of performance enhancing drugs!” Athletes could juice all the way up to the competitions. Think about all the records they could break!

It’s the perfect market! Athletes have been resistant to vaccination because they don’t know what it may do to their bodies. They could couple the COVID shot with performance enhancing shot and charge double!

Calls on $PFE, $MRNA, and $BNTX

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