Money printer stopping, political chaos, inflation, interest rates increasing, entering 🐻 market territory. How is everyone feeling right now? via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Money printer stopping, political chaos, inflation, interest rates increasing, entering 🐻 market territory. How is everyone feeling right now?

As the title suggests, how is everyone feeling right now? Like truly, how is everyone feeling during these times because as much as we want to try to add humor to our mega capital losses through memes and trying to brush it off, I know some of you are still looking in the mirror asking how could you lose all that money you worked soo hard for. Money you probably needed or money your family could use. Maybe it was tuition money or money for a rainy day. Regardless, losing is part of trading but it sure beats you down and makes you lose confidence in ever trading again. It may even traumatize you enough to the point you may never trade the same way and that’s okay.

I personally have been there when i first started investing solo, no advisors and strictly going with my gut picks on individual stocks instead of just investing more into my 401k or into ETFs to reduce risk and take tax advantage. What happened literally a few days after i poured a bunch of money into the market on my individual picks i researched a ton on? The pandemic hit LOL, how lucky right? Never seen 50% of my investment disappear like that before with no idea what to do because I was a novice of trading solo. I had shares and looking back I could’ve averaged down and kept holding. Instead i sold at 50% loss and I tried soo hard to get my losses back. I shorted the market and invested in gold stocks and luckily for me it panned out after months of grinding. But had i even done nothing and held my shares i would not only have made my money back but some of these at ath were at 10x+. Not saying i would’ve diamond held for that long but my point is this:

Identify what you did wrong and mitigate it from ever happening again. If you trust your stock picks just hold and keep avg down on any big drops. Have stop losses and try to learn through paper trading or through tiny investments first before going ballz deep. When you win keep in mind someone else is losing so take your wins and temporarily celebrate but be grateful you were on the winning side and thank the players for their sacrifice. Many people lose a ton of money and never trade again. My advice is to never give up if you truly enjoy the process because i obsessed over trading everyday. I am no pro, but I learned a ton through losing and I’m glad I didn’t give up because I love trading, i love researching, i love business, and I love these communities where we can share each other’s stories and help one another win and beat the big man.

Hats off to all you apes 🦍 who keep on grinding everyday and keep learning and invest in yourself to get better at your craft because practice and experience does make the difference. I am not a millionaire nor am I telling you to do anything, but my passion is telling stories and experiences that can help others going through similar situations and letting them know it will be Okay.

I believe in you my fellow apes 🦍 and keep on keeping on!

EDIT: The market is down 20% so that is considered 🐻 territory. Do we have more room down? Who knows. I am hedging my bets with some puts/shorts but not much invested. My post wasn’t to tell everyone the world is ending and to buy puts, but to let everyone who feels discouraged to not give up and keep grinding because you will recover. Just learn from your mistakes. Unless you have info no one else does, probably best to go cash gang or safer plays like VOO.

Since yall wont stop bugging me and lost the purpose of my post: My positions:

UVXY shares and April 20, $20c QQQ Puts june 2023 RTX and LMT shares XLE 3/18 $71c

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