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In relation to the comments made today about meta and the metaverse I wanted to leave my two cents.

  1. It was mentioned that meta’s “metaverse” concept has been laughed off by a few people

  2. The overwhelming success of oculus is catalyst

On that note I thought it might be worth clarifying what is “the metaverse”

What we consider “the metaverse” is essentially and world you can interact socially in. World of Warcraft is a metaverse, as is Fortnite as is the oculus spaces meta is creating. Collectively these all make up “the metaverse” the conocensus is that we should gravitate towards a technology where the metaverse is like the web, and each “space” is like a website we can visit.

Facebooks interpretation is just one facet of this.

Why is this important?

Because as mentioned above and on the call, 80% of the vr market is oculus, and by extension meta. So even if their metaverse concept is a flop, it will probably be their devices were connecting with. And they will figure out how to monetize that.

On that note, why is occulus dominating vr? For two reasons, they are taking apples approach to this space.

Steam is like google. They have an open platform, that manufacturers can tap into, htc, Hp, etc. these are just hardware executions to steams vr platform. Like google/android, it’s fragmented with each manufacturer having different variants of vr, each with different tracking technologies. From a development perspective, this is going yo be a nightmare.

Occulus on the other hand, not only connects to steam, is easy to use and setup, and most importantly, is the only headset WITH ITS OWN PLATFORM

Occulus has its own “home”, own works apps, own events, own social spaces, and I guarantee you these will all integrate.

So until apple enters the space, meta is the apple of vr

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