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While everyone’s running around crying about Putin making your dinosaur juice real expensive, our boy Ryan Cohen has been building a 150m stake in $BBBY. Ya know, the place where you buy nice white towels then get shit stains on them and return them 9 months later to some poor highschooler who makes $11/hr. That place.

I strongly contend that $BBBY will continue to squeeze and will ignite the meme mania once again. The market is desperate for MOMO and runners. I think OIL has shown that well.

$BBBY had an excellent day today. The entire float traded hands yesterday. The new VPOC is at $15.

We have a fair amount of supply to digest on the way back up to $30. Namely the $25 range.

IV has spiked to the moon. It’s not worth buying calls on $BBBY… HOWEVER…

$BB is trading at an abysmal $6!!!!

Now we’re all smooth brains here. We know the DD. Blackberry used to make turd phones that douche bags jerked off to 90’s porn on. But now they’re the governments favorite whore for a secure handy and something to do with car stereo systems/computers or some shit.

Now as you can see $BB isn’t primed for a short squeeze in any sense of the term. SI is only around 6%. Now she’s a bit of a heftier float at 571m, more akin to $AMC than $GME. BUT.. Her IV is as low as your IQ.

We can pick up $9C weeklies on $BB right now for $.01. That’s right one abe lincoln and you’ve got yourself some FD’s.


$BBBY is gonna keep squeezing. I think after the float switched hands yesterday we see continued buying pressure. I mean shit Ryan Cohen himself said that $BBBY has enough value in $BABY to spin that off right now and be worth the entire market cap of $BBBY.

You can read his whole letter here:

OK–SO WE’VE GOT IV THAT’S SPIKED FOR $BBBY. Be a degen and buy some calls, sure.

HOWEVER, the real money to be made is in the meme stocks that haven’t run, are the most beaten down, and have the lowest IV. (even a simple IV spike from a huge market sell off, like we’re experiencing now, or a meme stock craze would turn $.01 into $.50, that’s a 50 bagger ladies and retards).


4,500 $BB 9C 3/11

250 $BBBY 22.5C 3/11

5,000 Shares of $BB

2,000 Shares of $BBBY

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