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Match going to go to bankrupt

I paid for all of Matches services as premium last quarter and still couldn’t get a girlfriend. Every time I went to dinner nobody would show up even when my premium matches said they would be right there. The only people using this service are catfishes and maybe even paid by the company. These guys were so good they gps spoofed their location going towards the restaurant I was at. The profile said Mitchelle pronouns (they/fuck you) and that they were extremely attractive and such. Some dude walked in and said he was Mitchelle and that he was the profile and was already with my wife so he should add me as well. I couldn’t believe that all of the services were fake to some degree so I quit all the premium memberships. I’m beginning to think maybe I’m just very unattractive too just their stock and call options. I decided with the $150 I spent on the food for Mitchelle and I it was time for this quarter to spend $150 on puts so I could afford a real girlfriend. -> $109 put 2/04.

Submitted February 03, 2022 at 09:41PM by runnaway20
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