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Market Crash Incoming

It’s time to liquidate all of your funds from your IRA’s. With a record number of new investors in the market, GDP growth rates high, consumer debt still low. This is the PERFECT time for a market crash. This is 100% NOT funds loading up for new all-time highs on consumer panic. We are definitely going to see SPY at $300 before $600, I heard that Powell is going to raise interest rates by 1% at every FOMC meeting until the end of time. We have NEVER seen rising interest rates and all-time high markets coexist. That’s because rising interest rates are a product of a strong economy. We do not want that!

I would avoid weed stocks, tech stocks, really all stocks in general. Might be time to just cash out and put it in a high growth rate savings account, the only way to survive the Great Depression of 2022. Now that I have your attention, I would not follow the above. Let’s use our brains people…

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