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Margin calls today?!?!

With some o’ the big Tech stock down huge, some SHF will have some problems with their cash/collateral requirements! This “could” be bullish. I am sure that “THEY” will keep making fear, by selling off our Favorit stonks; 🦧🐒🦍 keep buying!! On AMC the SHF own another 10 mio shares that they can short into the market and on GME the own about 5 mio shares. BE PREPARED!!! I know that by buying options you could 8X your “buying power”, but look what happens week over week…. (MAX PAIN(=MM) is “winning” every week!!)

Easy Solution: 4mio 🐒🦍🦧 buying and hodling 10 shares/week (1.5 per day). After 4 weeks; 160mio additional shares off the market @ an Avv. investment of 40×15$=800/🐒 according to ORTEX data; utilization is 80+% of 501 mio shares; 20% counts for 100mio shares. After 2 weeks utilization will be at 100%, cost to borrow will be 🚀 through the roof; MOASS

Off cause this is no investing advise, just a smooth brained 🙉 who tried to do some math….

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