Make the vaccine stocks bleed red.. They’re using you. 🐒 via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Make the vaccine stocks bleed red.. They’re using you. 🐒

Pushing boosters so frequently makes sense because it keeps their companies relevant and the stock price inflated. It’s clearly abuse of the system. These companies should have been taken off of the open market when they became involved with a global pandemic. It’s a pathetic excuse to funnel money and inside trade. Stocks backed by governments mandating vaccines that propel their insider investments into further capital.

Quite similar to how the government shut down small retail businesses and made gigantic leaps in gains from their investments in large corporations that were allowed to stay open.

Covid might be a real sickness but that doesn’t exclude money from being a large part of the motivation in pushing it on the people for such a prolonged amount of time.

The government found the loophole of the century.

Funny enough, in Canada there was a pipeline they wanted to install and people were protesting it. Then all of a sudden covid flooded the news to silence the protestors and the pipeline proposal was approved. They were stockpiling pipe and material while it was still being detested.. You’d think that a pandemic would be a good reason to not have a bunch of workers from other provinces travelling in and out, potentially spreading a deadly virus..


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