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Knightscope Autonomous Security Robots IPO Today – KSCP DD

Lets be real, we all love a good tech play. From Tesla to Palantir, its a great time to be investing in tech because valuations don’t matter anymore, and these babies just keep pumping like were not minutes before a 2000 crash unlike anything the world has ever seen.

With that, figured I would throw one out for everyone that is IPO’ing today, and my subsequent DD for it: KSCP. I think they begin trading at 11 EST but who knows.

The market cap is about $600m right now, and they do exactly what it sounds like. They sell security robots at a yearly subscription basis to various customers around the united states. Right now, they have about 55 deployed with a backlog of about 26 more to deploy. On average, they lease them for 7-12$ an hour, every hour, 365 days a week. They project about $250,000 in profit per robot over the course of 5 years.

Some potential bullish factors is the large backlog, each resulting in a significant revenue boost, the potential to sell data that the robots record and store, and they also have security software they can sell. Further, they will be moving to a new manufacturing model which will reduce time to manufacture by about 80% from 80 hours per robot, to 20.

As they fill the backlog, continue to reduce manufacturing time, gain more customers and secure financing, they will continue to grow from this. Its a new IPO so there is only so much DD for now, but I will keep the updates coming.

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