Its time…. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Its time….

alright fuckers, there was a WHOLE mess of GME gain porn late last week, tons of options plays that i KNOW you guys held on to, its time you fucking degenerates


you guys scREEEEEch your brains out when gme makes a 4 percent jump yet wont do anything when it tanks massively.

this place is always been a bastion of glorification to the wins but more importantly the losses. its what alot of people come ehre for, people have already seen all the pornhub videos in the free collection and only fans costs money, so obvi we need the free porn here and to a degenerate who spent a full week behind the dumpster, i need my own release.

most of you prob dont remember analfarmer2s EPIC L. control the narrative LIVE GUH losing 55k instantly. ironyman who SOMEHOW ended up with 5k. and cant forget all the march/ april 2020 people who bought 5/1 200ps on march 23rd… these are the stories that made this place actually known early on.

if you pony up the loss porn, ill happily give you 50% off your third trip behind the wendys dumpster, randall is gonna be out there tonight! hes got the PRIME silverback gorilla lips because he bought a fuck ton of those 260c's that kid bought last week and is DESPERATE for cash.

its time fuckers, lets see those 260cs you bought, the 31`5cs all of it. the FD loss porn is what makes this place great. return it to normalcy, understand the culture as a whole and GET THE FUCK BACK ON FRIES

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