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It isn’t over yet….

First you saw speculative and growth correct.

Now you are seeing the big mega caps starting to show the pattern in the charts.

You have oil going up in price.

Inflation is at this point becoming dangerous.

You have the majority of developed nations over-reached and spent.

It isn’t totally gloom and doom but if Saudi and UAE/OPEC can’t produce enough and if we really see Oil get higher then we are in for a world of hurt.

If the economy can keep an okay balance we can slowly start to work on inflation but if something goes wrong and we lose control of that we are in a world of hurt.

If with the large and mega caps now correcting if we get something serious that causes the speculative and growth to go beyond the correct they have experienced to something much worse we are in for a world of hurt as then the banks and other financials will take a serious serious hit.

All in all this is starting to look pretty fucking bad.

There is a lot of roads now that lead to some pretty ugly realities.

Also customary Fuck Putin.

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