Is Cramer trying to tell us something about this weeks earnings? via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Quoted and put what he said so you don’t have to click if you don’t want. A couple of these have already reported or are on a different date.

Kohl’s ($KSS): Cramer said that Dick’s has a great CEO, will succeed after the pandemic and stands out from other retailers.

MongoDB ($MDB): MongoDB is a dime a dozen when it comes to software database companies, according to Cramer. “Wall Street used to love a company that grew fast and lost a ton of money. Now, they just feel total contempt for them,” he said.

Bumble ($BMBL): Cramer had few words about Bumble, which closed at $18.08 on Friday, well below its 52-week high of $76.49. “Maybe romance is dead,” he said.

Stitch Fix (SFIX): Stitch Fix is the third stock reporting earnings on Tuesday — along with MongoDB and Bumble — in bear market territory, Cramer said, adding that he’s watching to see if they might find a floor and be worth a buy.

Campbell Soup ($CPB): Campbell has to get their raw costs down, but the company “will fly” if it manages to report even moderate gains, Cramer said.

CrowdStrike ($CRWD): Cramer said he expects Crowdstrike to report a strong quarter. However, its performance won’t matter if inflation spikes that same day and hurts its stock, Cramer said.

Ulta Beauty ($ULTA): Cramer praised Ulta Beauty’s consistent performance, adding that the company “has the best chance of roaring higher next week.” He cautioned that the company is not “a cheap stock.”

DocuSign ($DOCU): Cramer said that DocuSign is suffering from being known as a “Covid stock.” “It’s a very good company with a very bad stock,” he said.

Rivian ($RIVN): Calling Rivian “a poster child” for western electric vehicle companies that have been “losers for ages now,” Cramer said that the company has lost its novelty.

Wheels Up ($UP): Cramer said he’ll be watching to see if the private jet company can get its stock up on Thursday. “I bet they’ll tell their story loud and clear,” Cramer said, adding that it will be useless if the company doesn’t actually turn a profit.

eBay ($EBAY): “It’s a pretty clear story about an exchange where you can sell anything. For me, that’s worth something,” Cramer said of the e-commerce giant.

AT&T ($T): The company said it will give updates on its strategies for business and capital allocation during its analyst & investor day. Cramer said he plans to listen to the call for positive signs but is skeptical. “This is a company with uniquely terrible management — we’re talking ‘Wall of Shame’ bad — and I have no desire to touch it,” he said.

Is he going to be on the money this week or out of the money? I personally may inverse some of his opinions depending on my own DD.