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Is Chevron a Buy at Current Price?

As title states, I am thinking of buying some Chevron calls and I am here for some confirmation bias. I am gonna lost my bullish points below so see what y’all think

  1. “Dividend Aristocrat” A retarded nickname given to 2 stocks: Walmart and Chevron. These two companies have increased their dividend payments every year for the last 25 years (even through 2002, 2008, 2020 shitty markets)

  2. They announced a large share buyback between 5-10 billion each year, upped from the previous 3-5 billion

  3. Oil is through the roof, demand does not seem to be stopping , war is not ending, prices not dropping. A large oil giant may be a nice gainer here

  4. These some technicals I found: bounced off nicely off of the 20 EMA and 50 MA k. The daily timeframe. Pennant with large buying pressure forming. Selling was lower volume than buying when it dropped from its all time high of 174.

That’s it fellow retards, any confirmation bias will help me lose even more money.

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