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Inverse $ARK?

Title is a little extreme so I definitely don’t mean to actually inverse everything that whack job does because obviously she’s figured out how to make money, at least over the course of her career.

But with Palantir specifically it seems like the recent dip was caused almost entirely buying high and selling low (yes I understand earnings were disappointing). Now that she’s out though it’s like the poison has been wiped off the stock. It’s being actively covered by Piper Sandler, new bullish analysis coming out almost daily and sentiment itself seems to be kind of on the upturn.

I have a small position of 25 shares @ 12.31. Not only am I considering adding shares/calls but I was wondering if you guys see this happening with anything else she’s holding?

I’m a total amateur but it seems like she’s a fairweather investor mixed with a bad day trader. I know enough though to know that bad day trades/swing trades can still Make great investments.

Idk, I guess my question for those who know more is, what is she holding that you expect her to unload the way she did Palantir? If/when she does, do you think it’s a good buy or not?

It just feels like people are fomoing out of tech and Cathy’s been a sentiment killer for a while now. Idk what but I just FEEL like some great buys are being created here.

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