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Initial futures market open thoughts 2/20/22

my initial thoughts seeing the futures pop on the “good news.” 1. its not really good news… all that was said was that IF he doesnt invade come Thursday they will have a summit to talk… doesnt mean he isnt gonna before then. also i dont like these fake pumps based on news. generally i feel they just cause a bulltrap. just look at the FOMC and russia news friday. 2. we saw crypt0 bleed all weekend and that to me is the overall market sentiment. 3. futures are open for a weird time frame. tonight till 1pm tomorrow. then reopens at 6pm for normal. that could effect stuff. i also anticipate that this news is going to be well digested by market open Tuesdays. just look back at the green futures and pre market friday that went red all day. 4. the bigger issue here is still inflation not war. this is a distraction in my opinion and it doesnt negate whats coming in march.

supports to watch (for es)- 4358 –> 4444 –> 4332 –> 4320. Resistance- 4377 (failed to even reach this on the initial good news pop) –> 4400.

Candles trending back below the 8 ema… very well could see this pop just slow bleed.

i will be watching this closely but i wouldnt be surprised by Tuesday morning market open to see us flat or red again​.

Tuesday morning before i go to sleep i will post a detailed pre market analysis

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