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infinite money glitch (not patched)

after losing most of my money on options, ive come to realize that the best way to make consistent gains is to have more money to put in the market.

enter the plan i came up with after failing my geology exam.

  1. apply for fafsa and use my scholarship to pay my tuition.

  2. apply for my university covid relief fund, exaggerate the numbers to receive the full $10,000

  3. create an LLC

  4. apply for a small business loan through my LLC using the fafsa & covid money as collateral to make up for my lack of business history, aim for $50,000 at 4% apr (made these numbers up in my head)

  5. deposit the money directly into my “LLC’s” brokerage and enable margin trading to get up to 8x leverage with 7% margin interest.

  6. my LLC will have gone from $20,000 cash to $400,000 in buying power (20x leverage) which will strictly be used on options to provide even more leverage.

  7. beat 11% to pay down interest, keep the profit. even a 20% year ($80,000) would net me $36,000 after paying interest. this is more than my original collateral.

  8. if my LLC loses all of its money, the company will declare bankruptcy and i will lose the collateral but i will not be liable for the $400,000 in losses.

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