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I’m betting the house and car that Meta will collapse.

One year from now, Meta will be below 100. That’s an generous number too. Facebook is financing MetaVerse with everything it gets from whatsapp, instagram and facebook. Toss in long-term debt and when things get desperate, current debt, long behold, you’ll have a total and complete disaster.

Now, think about it’s up coming earnings. We all know what happened in it’s previous earnings. Ask yourself this: Do you really think anything has changed? Has anyone heard or seen change that’d somehow rectify it’s previous loss let alone prevent further loss? The answer is no. Nothing has changed and if you think for one minute marketing didn’t either, you’re a fool.

It’s almost common sense. If you were a marketing firm that paid Meta for advertising prior to it’s previous earnings, would you continue spending the same amount if not more given what previous earnings released said? What about how the company has gone about rectifying the loss let alone preventing further loss? To top that is the opportunity cost you sacrifice sticking around when you could go to Tik Tok or other up and growing platforms. The cherry on top to all this is Meta’s latest smear campaign via Tik Tok which Meta clearly didn’t think strongly about as far as the message the public would get (namely its investors).

Here is why Meta will ultimately fail:

For whatever reason, Zuck actually thought that Oculus’ failure was because it wasn’t designed around social media. That’s hysterical. Does anyone here actually see themselves dawning this headset on their lunchbreak at work? How about in bed before you sleep? In the morning with your coffee? How about when you’re taking a shit? At a stop light or traffic?

I suppose if you have ass paper money and have nothing better to do, ya, whatever.

But for everyone else, you know, the populous that check it from dawn to dusk, not only does this now cost consumers money to use, but it’s practical use and exposure to ads is VASTLY limited compared to things now. I mean think about it. If advertising is moving it’s money away from Meta now, imagine what it will be once it finds out that what the real mean-time exposure to ads would be? It’d be limited to the evening and a very selective audience while competing against free platforms who offer exposure to ads all day long which means LOTS of revenue.

Bottom line is this:

Zuck is a fraud. He is the male equivalent to Elizabeth Homes. The path this firm has moved too makes complete sense because Zuck never designed Facebook. He stole the idea. He never had the fundamental creativity or intellect to understand how this all drives demand and the very epitome of this shows through meta.

I’m going to the bank right now to pull out the largest possible personal loan I can get on top of my credit cards.

I’ll see ya’ll next year on my yacht.

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