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I have finally accepted that I am retarded.

I started trading back at the start of Covid. Around the same time I found Wall Street bets. I was only 16 at the time so I just used my moms social security to make a Robinhood accountant. I started off like many autists just buying shares, mostly of things like American Airlines and carnival cruises. Most likely because they were cheap after the pandemic drop. As I realized shares weren’t making me shit I decided to learn about options. For a while I did horrible and went down almost a thousand dollars. Then the whole AMC/GME incident occurred and I was able to make the most money I’d ever made in my life putting my portfolio in the green by over a thousand. I then went on a hot streak and was able to grow this portfolio a couple more thousand dollars, regularly making withdrawals. As time went on and the meme stocks died out, I slowly went back to my old ways of buying shitty 3 day to expiration PLTR and NIO calls almost everyday, sometimes venturing into whatever other company I was used to trading previously. Now it’s been about 6 months that my trades have just been very stagnant and I am making no progress, losing money if anything. I thought a new portfolio when I turned 18 would refresh me but instead I just kept losing. My all time is technically still up but I feel it dwindling with each bad trade. This is what’s made me come to the realizing that I am retarded just like the rest of you and I am most likely not in the 1% of successful traders. Not to mention my strategy is to buy options at 3:58 and sell the next morning hoping for a run in the morning or gap up since I don’t have more then 3 day trades a week. Well with all that said, let’s hope these NIO calls I have for Monday do good and replenish all hope in me that I am successful again after 1 Green Day, and then I will let the cycle repeat after losing double the gains the next day.

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