I find this fascinating and funny, but it’s really not funny … via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

I find this fascinating and funny, but it’s really not funny …

So, about 6 months ago to when the pandemic started, something that was really shaking up the markets were the probabilities of severe inflation and upcoming rate hikes.

Although tapering and rate hikes are a positive thing to counter inflation, the markets would have been shitting themselves if rates were increased during this period as a general consensus.

Example, if JPOW would have introduced the much needed real rate hikes that should of occurred and tapering of asset purchases to reduce inflation the markets would of had a field day.

So, the markets were circle jerking to the thought of “It’S tRaNsItOrY” but reality is the feds fucked us on this with that stupid ideology.

Now, it’s the God damn opposite. Every time the feds inform they are not increasing the rate hikes or the rate hikes are only like 0.25%, the market turns into a see of red. But if the feds increased the rate hikes to the level they should be, which is nearing impossible at this point because they kept kicking the can, the markets would actually be green.

Oh the irony of the governments actions man. Never ceases to impress.

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