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How to stomach losses (realized/unrealized)?

Hi degens,

My portfolio has taken a big hit since November 2021 and I’m down more than $180k (between realized and unrealized losses). I feel really bad about it and hate myself for putting myself through this. I could have stuck to bluechips or indexes and come out much ahead but I chose to get into growth stocks in November after which they have been on a constant downfall (cue the “it fell because you bought” comments) – think ROKU, PYPL etc.

It feels worse because beginning of 2021 was such a great time for me (till mid-Feb), was making all the right calls day trading and making a ton of money. Lately I’m seeing a few friends buy houses, cars, splurging on stuff and I feel terrible about not being able to do so. When others were buying all that I was putting my $ in the market in the hopes that I will be able to make bigger purchases later (not for bragging but just what I like), now all that is down the drain. I feel like a loser.

Please help me. How can I get over this? This is real weighing me down and not able to focus on work, I don’t want it to cause a double whammy.

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