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How to Buy Russian Stocks That Aren’t Trading?

Matt Levine at Bloomberg says in his latest column about potentially untradeable Russian equities causing havoc:

There will probably be some buyers, and some ways to buy, so it might eventually get worked out. Awkwardly those buyers will (1) provide essential and difficult-to-find liquidity to the global financial system in its hour of need, (2) expect to get paid well for it, (3) buy Russian assets that are under at least an odor of sanctions, and (4) buy them at enormous discounts to their expected cash flows. It might go poorly for them — Russian assets could always go down another 99% — but it is in expectation probably a lucrative time not to care about reputation or public opinion. 2 If everyone is selling for noneconomic reasons, buying is more likely to be economically appealing. If you can find a way to do it.

So…how does one find a way to do this?

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