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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NEW BULL MARKET!!!

Listen to me little cucks. There is a new bull market brewing right before your eyes and if you want to make some money now is the time to get ready to ride it.

We’ve all seen the gay bear posts lately. The bears are in heat and sounding their mating calls. It’s enough to make my dick go limp, but I’m not worried because I know that after every limp dick comes a boner.

So why are the gay bears so excited?

Russian INVASION!!! No little retard, it’s not happening. Rub your temples and ponder: Does Putin want to invade + occupy Ukraine and then govern 40m unfriendly Ukranians who just landed on Uncle Sam’s shortlist of ‘righteous rebels who just need a METAPHORICAL FUCKTON of LITERAL rocket launchers/bombs/guns to accomplish their missionary position’?

INFLATION!!!!!!!! Yes, we have all seen the ugly word on reputable financial news sites like Bloomberg and If you buy puts for inflation then I have news for you: inflation makes prices GO UP.

RATE HIKES!?!? NO MORE QE?!?!?!?! Bears usually climax at this point so maybe with some post-orgasm clarity some of you gay bears will see the light. JPOW (hallowed be thy name) is gonna TEASE U CUCKS with big talk about fighting inflation but rates are gonna stay in DEEP NEGATIVE REAL YIELD territory and the money printer is gonna go BRRRRRRRR.

Why? US corps and the US gov have more debt than Luca who went to film school in NYC and has a different beanie for each of his moods. INFLATION IS THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM. Who do you expect the US gov to look out for; you or the corporations FINANCING THEIR ELECTION? They don’t give a fuck how many blowies you have to give behind Wendy’s to afford your nuggets.

Double-digit inflation is here to stay and it’s gonna change the rules of stock evaluations.

sources: Sir, this is a Wendy’s (no copy paste)


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