How do TSLA 🌈🐻’s find boyfriends for their wives? via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

How do TSLA 🌈🐻’s find boyfriends for their wives?

Calling on my fellow autists to help solve a mystery. Last week a war in Ukraine seemed eminent. The boomers were frightened that this potential war might negatively impact oil supply and/or demand. Is there anything boomers aren’t afraid of? Consequently oil prices spiked (because only boomers trade oil futures) and most stonks tanked. Now allow me to remind you why my panties are in a huge brown stained twist over this. You may have heard that TSLA makes EVs. I concede that their supply chain might get slightly constipated by a war. But surely sticker shock at the gas pumps will further drive EV demand and margins? In conclusion STONKS GO UP!

If you’ve read this far you are a truly retard, just the kind of people who can help me solve this mystery. How do smooth brained $TSLA 🌈🐻’s find boyfriends for their wives?

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