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How BlackBerry IVY Simplifies and Streamlines the Development Process

How BlackBerry IVY Simplifies and Streamlines the Development Process

Among other benefits, BlackBerry IVY enables developers to:

Safely access, normalize, and process vehicle sensor data via a set of consistent in-vehicle application programming interfaces (APIs)

Derive key insights by processing data using machine learning (ML) and similar powerful algorithms

Leverage the abstraction layer in BlackBerry IVY middleware to write code that is vehicle-, platform-, and OS-agnostic

Write code once and deploy everywhere – reducing costs and producing fresh opportunities to win new customers and enter new markets

Build compelling solutions without needing specialized skills in embedded or automotive software development

The Road Ahead

By 2030, there will be an anticipated 300 million connected vehicles, generating 3.5TBs of telemetry data to process and upload to the cloud every hour. That is a staggering amount of data. Developers who take advantage of BlackBerry IVY now can leverage a solution that standardizes data access and applies intelligence at the edge and in the cloud–essentially offering complete control over data ownership and management.

The ecosystem of Tier One developers and software supply chain is fundamentally changing the automotive industry with the creation of powerful in-vehicle innovations for drivers and passengers. Tools that conserve resources and accelerate time-to-market can give developers, and the automakers they work for, a competitive edge. BlackBerry IVY offers significant value for automakers, OEMs, and suppliers by boosting the productivity of developers, and reducing the costs and complexity of delivering on the many expectations of tomorrow’s vehicles.

To learn how your organization’s software development goals can benefit from BlackBerry IVY, check out the infographic below and read the Frost & Sullivan report that names BlackBerry IVY as an industry leading edge-to-cloud software platform for automakers and smart cities.

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