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HMHC – Share price is now above $21

For those of you that bought shares and/or OTM calls after my first write up last week are sitting on a BEAUTIFUL position and the odds are more in our favor now than ever before. Just a few days ago the options for OTM 22.50 Strike April/May were going for .1 and the shares traded at $20.90~. These options have now 2-3X for those of you have been a long for the ride, but MOST IMPORTANTLY shares closed at $21.05 (ABOVE TENDER PRICE of $21).

But don’t stop HODLing now since the fun has just begun. The share price ending higher than the tender offer is EXTREMELY interesting because what shareholder/major institution will Tender their shares at $21 when the share price is above $21???? This is HUGEEEE. Also, to note if it means anything the afterhours price went up to $21.46~.

My speculation is that there are rumors going around that Veritas is upping the offer or that they will not get enough shareholders to tender and that the insiders/major institutions have more information available than us on this. HOWEVER, we retailers know if price stays above $21 for another week or two that it DOES NOT matter what the “insiders” know that we don’t because if price is above $21 we are in control, and will prevent anyone from tendering.

As long as we HOLD THE SHARE PRICE ABOVE $21 people will not tender and Veritas will have to up their offer by several HUNDRED MILLION dollars to get the shareholder support to tender. And I do know what that that means if they up their offer above $24+, this means the shares do well, but our OTM options at $22.50 PRINT like JPOW (most shareholders are calling for $27+ for their support). The other option would be for Veritas to back out… I believe this is the most unlikely option, but regardless the shares should support a higher price if this happens as well.

TLDR; keep shares above $21, do NOT tender, do NOT sell, and we will PRINT.

Also, to note the only additional information I have been able to find from Friday to have any explanation of their share price movement above tender is this interview by Engine Capital calling for shareholders to not tender. A must watch… only like 2-3 minutes. Engine Capital Interview

And if anyone has access to additional information on HMHC please share because we have 100 bagger potential in the best-case scenario of Veritas upping the bid to $27+

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