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HIMX Kills it in Earnings

Q4 2021 Revenues at Upper End of Guidance; Gross Margin and EPS both Beat Guidance. Q4 Revenues, Gross Margin and EPS All Reached All-Time Highs Full Year 2021 Revenues Surpassed $1.5 Billion, along with Record Gross Margin and EPS

Q4 2021 Revenues, GM and EPS all reached new records

Q4 2021 revenues were $451.9M, up 7.4% QoQ and 63.9% YoY. Q4 GM reached a new historical high of 51.8%

Q4 2021 non-IFRS profit was $148.4M, or 84.9 cents per diluted ADS, a new record high

Full year 2021 revenues were $1,547.1M, up 74.4% YoY. 2021 GM 48.5%, greatly increased from 24.9% in 2020

Automotive sector to be No. 1 sales contributor starting 2022. Targeting to double automotive sales again in 2022, on top of the growth of 110% in 2021

10 million units cumulative shipment in automotive TDDI is expected in as soon as Q2 2022

Key optical technologies to enable metaverse. In partnerships with tech industry’s leading players on LCoS, WLO and 3D Sensing

Looking ahead into 2022, backed by more secured foundry capacity than last year and an advanced product portfolio, we are well positioned to continue to grow our top line and will continue to work toward maintaining a high gross margin, one of our major long term business goals. Wherein, we anticipate further revenue and profit growth in 2022.

Hate to break it to the shorts but your predicted major drop in profit isn’t coming in 2022 either.

Final FY2021 eps is $2.651. I’m excited to see in May what they announce as their dividend but looking at their numbers I can’t see it being less than $1.20. Wow, an ~10% yield will cause a feeding frenzy.

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