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Here’s why you Should Load up on Costco calls

Who the fuck doesn’t like Costco? Let’s just start with that. To keep this bs short I am gonna outline some points for you retards

90% customer retention rate (remember the memberships, for Costco that’s pure profit)

Best place to shop for groceries I mean who the fuck goes to shit like Walmart for groceries. I can buy 2 boxes of cereal in Costco for the price of one dick sized box at other stores

Costco gas and insurance also makes them good money. Everyone and their moms goes to Costco for gas; I waited for 30 fucking minutes to fill up when I went cuz the line was so damn long

Costco pizza. Yeah that’s it their fucking pizza is god tier and costs only 9.99. Same with their 1.50 hot dog combo and the 5 dollar chicken. People literally go to Costco just for these items.

They treat their employees well; a small and maybe irrelevant detail but still pretty important to note that people like investing in them.

Future growth looks very good. Costco is currently in about 10 countries with most of their warehouses being in USA and Canada. There’s only 2 in France and China, and there’s a lot of room to grow.

Dividends in case any retard wants even more free money.

Ye that’s pretty much it. Gonna hold these calls for some time do with the above information what you will.

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