Here’s why I’m bullish on Lyft and Uber earnings. via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Here’s why I’m bullish on Lyft and Uber earnings.

Listen guys,

I’ve studied Lyft and Uber for a long time. I’ve been observing these stocks at their highest and at their lowest. But for the past 2 years during earnings Lyft and Uber always and I repeat ALWAYS moved up around earnings time. (obviously except pandemic) But this time like always it will go up. No need to bring up any stats or financial statements. It’s just gonna happen! Trust me guys Lyft on Tuesday will move up at least 8-10% after the earnings and Uber will follow up and do the same. (I predict 5-6% for Uber) Also Lyft and Uber are so down that it literally can’t go down anymore. If any of you have at least a little bit of brain you will join me and make shit ton of money so your wife can finally mean it when she says that she loves you. So this is the reason why I’m investing all the money I have on Lyft and Uber.

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