Here’s THE TRUTH behind why we are up 25% today via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Here’s THE TRUTH behind why we are up 25% today

The liberal Democrat socialist one world order globalist BLM loving communists in control of the house, the Senate and the White House are now loading their portfolios even more with shares of good cannabis companies they have oppressed and depressed for years now by dragging their feet on legislation and legalization.

They know they are going to pass a major bill here in the USA at some point. However, they do not want to do so until they have enriched themselves and their families with more and more shares of cannabis companies which they have obtained information on through insider information and lobbyists and through their other corrupt colleagues Who have been doing the same thing. These people have been doing this for years, adding to their positions and stalling legislation so they can continue to load up.

Don’t worry, legalization in the USA will happen. However, it will not happen until after these corrupt politicians have loaded their portfolios to the hilt and have satisfied their greed.

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