Heard this at the Barber Shop. Fuck it, I’m in!! via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Heard this at the Barber Shop. Fuck it, I’m in!!

Long story short, both my Dad and Father in law worked at the GE Plant here is Cincinnati Ohio. I’ve been banking with GE Credit Union for years. Great bank. Love it. Great rate on car loans. So my Dad is now retired and my Father in law passed away but when they where there working at GE, they would bring me in and show me around. Most the time I might of saw a couple engineers hanging around at these huge buildings. Was like a ghost town back in their time. So that all being said, I was at the Barber shop down the street from the GE Plant in Cincinnati and in comes a engineer from the plant. It was obvious he was an engineer actually, no offense to engineers but y’all stand out in a crowd. So this guy sits next to me and eventually he gets to telling me that his plant has recently don’t a lot of hiring recently and he’s been real busy lately. That in itself caught my attention. To add to that, the last time I was at my bank the teller mentioned how they were about to open a couple more branches in the area. So after knowing this about GE Credit Union and then chatting with the Engineer at the Local Barber Shop 💈. I am 💯 convinced that GE is going to go up. After looking at the valuation, I’m led to believe it could go up to $100 -$105. So after doing my Outstanding DD!! I bought calls at $95 for 2 months. On a side not I did some Ford Leaps at $20 today as well. Not Financial Advice of course!!! Just my dumb ass opinion.

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