Haven’t written in a while. I’ll explain Elon Musk & Twitter via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

Haven’t written in a while. I’ll explain Elon Musk & Twitter

I’m a content creator on Tiktok that started here on Reddit. Auto-moderating is a serious problem that harms social media and gaming and is the primary reason I stopped writing DD for Wall Street bets.

This affects social environments, whether it’s Roblox, League of legends, TikTok, or Meta. Eventually social media will offer more financial services and people will fundamentally depend on these kinds of things for banking (most of the world is underbanked)

So here’s the problem – you can be cut off your financial services, relationships, and progress due to an algorithm. I’m currently banned on Tiktok for posting an image of Rihanna’s ANTI album. Week long ban for minor safety.

Twitter has been investing in a project called Bluesky. It’s going to implement these things called decentralized identities which is being developed in, right now, by Block called tbDEX. What this means is that, even if I get banned on Tiktok, I can still communicate to them.

We have said it for a generation. If the media is free, YOU are the product. These social media apps did not create my following, they simply gave me an environment to create one. It’s the equivalent of a bank closing your account AND telling you that you can no longer do business and communicate with your clients.

Who’s the ceo of Block? Jack Dorsey, the previous CEO of Twitter.

So that’s it. All of this discussion around free speech will eventually have a product. Twitter is best fit to decentralize since the entire app is built around the message, or the Tweet. So you see tweets EVERYWHERE whether it’s on Reddit, the local news, or your city billboards.

That’s all. See you guys later.

Edit: this post was automoderated FFS.

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