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Grateful to this Community

No I didn’t pay off my debts or make enough money to tell my boss off, but I am definitely grateful to this community. This community made the markets accessible to me and showed me that I could get in on it. I always assumed you needed to be at a certain financial level to even consider playing with wall street. Then this community opened my eyes! Of course investing takes time and trading takes skill. As it is I’m down overall so most people would probably wonder “why is he so grateful for this community?” The answer is simple, I may be down; but my assets are greater than any savings account I built before. Without this community I would’ve spent that money on some junk that didn’t matter. Now when asked what is your net assets on a form I can honestly reply with a figure that’s respectable. So I may be down over all, but I am in a better financial place then before and since my knowledge has grown I know it ain’t a loss until it is realized. My knowledge base has a long way to go, but I hope one day to be at a level that I can give back to this community in a way comparable to how it helped me.

Starting $0 savings and unmanageable revolving debt.

Now 5 figures of assets (2% unrealized loss) and 30% of starting debt.

Timeframe 2 years

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