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Gold Standard Advocates, WTF

Ayo…Gold Standard Idiots, why do you want to buy shit by trading hogsheads of brandy and sheaves of wheat and barrels of salted foreskins?

Every fucking gram of gold ever mined could be in Fort Knox and we would still need a fiat currency because the size of the market you fucking morons There is 8-12 trillion in gold in existence. The US stock market alone (not even the entire economy you tard) has a market cap of 93 trillion. How exactly are people going to pay for a sandwich using a gold backed currency when there will only be 12 trillion dollars in existence? Oh… That’s right, we’ll do what people did when we had a gold standard- we’ll trade shit because we can’t find any actual currency to spend. But here’s my dilemma, how am I going to gamble on the stock market whem my broker doesn’t accept pickled pigs testicles or pillows made from body hair as currency?

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