GME (Jan 2021) vs BBBY (this week) volume comps for perspective via /r/wallstreetbets #stocks #wallstreetbets #investing

GME (Jan 2021) vs BBBY (this week) volume comps for perspective

During the height of the sneeze in January of 2021, the largest volume day GME had was approx 196m when the float was somewhere around 70-75m (sorry can’t remember exactly what the float was at that time and I’m too lazy to look it up). A measly 2.5x.

Today BBBY, with ~79.9m shares outstanding, traded 385 million shares (at close). All shares outstanding traded 4.8x in one fucking day.

Over the past 8 days of trading, the total volume for BBBY is 971.2 million or over 12x shares outstanding.

what in the actual fuck?

While they may be able to scare away the general public, they clearly don’t realize who they are dealing with and how this is only making it that much more obvious that BBBY is going to fucking moon.


Rant time: What a fucking joke the last hour of trading was. I can’t wait for all the msm articles about how the squeeze is done, blah blah blah. so fucking blatantly obvious. I never thought I’d be so annoyed after a +29% day. The little rally in the last 10 minutes was nice but . /rant over (for now)

Tinfoil Hat Time: Can only assume that had the price closed in the vicinity it was trading earlier today that it would have totally and utterly blown up some large funds. Or at least that’s the story i’m going to tell myself

I can only imagine what will happen if/when BBBY makes an announcement, or good lord, if RC were to add to his position or do some big balled whale shit like that.

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