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GME is Primed for Liftoff Like it Was in January 2021

We are going to rip

GME is primed to rip like it did in January 2021:

– Short sale borrow rate reaching levels not seen since Jan 2021, this means shorting becomes no longer profitable and extremely expensive, shares are becoming hard to find…

GME Short Sale Borrow Rate – Jan 2021

GME Short Sale Borrow Rate – Mar 2022

– XRT (the ETF used the most to short GME through share creation) is still on the NYSE Threshold Security list after today, despite ETF rebalancing this week. It was thought that with the rebalancing it would come off of the list since it’s short obligations were to be fulfilled by then but looks like the shorts did a big OOPSIE.

Since XRT is still on the RegSho the shorts are unable to short us down via share creation through the ETF unless they have a pre borrow agreement in place (hint: but with how things are going I don’t think that’s likely)…

XRT on NYSE Threshold List (RegSho)

– Options chain is stacked right now. Even if we manage to close past $150 tomorrow, we will go parabolic next week just based off of the amount of open interest on calls up to $150. If we can push past $200, the shorts better start praying to God because we could easily see new ATHs.

And if they don’t have a God, they better pick one fast and start praying if we do pass $200, because there is no saving grace for their a$$ this time around (Robindahood screwing us over last Jan)…

Option Chain Overview for GME

TLDR: Buckle up, because GME is primed for a repeat of Jan 2021

Edit: clarification on XRT being used the most to short GME via share creation

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