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Fuck WSB I QUIT!!!!!

My wife is sleeping with my dad, both of my kids are my brothers.

I am addicted to porn, and keep thinking the next trade will be the one that changes things…

I thought I could look up to you lot. I really did. You are all Chads banging coke off a strippers 8 ball.

I never seem to get it right, it is like you guys actually say the opposite of what logic dictates every time, probably about 70% of the time, all the time. EVERY TIME!!!

I am gonna take all the Benadryl in the medicine cabinet and have a nice long talk with the mouse living in my vents….

I just can’t do it anymore. No matter what I do I get it wrong.

There is no winning. Capitalism has failed us all.

Even the dags I walk don’t respect me. Yesterday Karen’s dog pissed on my leg.

Just…. Please…. I don’t know what to do anymore. I need a handout. Just another stimulus check and maybe the market will go my way.

I am at a loss fellas….. thank you for the comradery but with all due respect, fuck you all…

See you Monday

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